So what’s all the fuss about? – Interview, part 1

There’s a big buzz around Big Data in our industry, right? One reason why the new HIMSS Impact International Symposium on Big Data in Medicine – which takes place in Potsdam, 20-21 November 2017 – is already kicking up quite a storm! HIMSS Insights talks to the organizers of this exciting new event –and finds out why you should make every effort to be there!

POTSDAM, GERMANY – Tonya Stewart talked to Rainer Herzog, General Manager DACH at HIMSS Europe, Matthieu-P. Schapranow, Program Manager E-Health & Life Sciences at HPI and Florian Schlehofer, Deputy Head of Cluster Management Healthcare Industries (HealthCapital).

Q. What is expected of HIMSS Impact? What is so special about the event for you?

RAINER HERZOG, HIMSS EUROPE: Big Data is such a broad and far-reaching topic with huge implications for the whole of healthcare and we think we have significant things to bring to the table with this exciting new event, run in collaboration with the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) and the Berlin-Brandenburg Cluster for healthcare industries (HealthCapital).

MATTHIEU-P. SCHAPRANOW, HPI: – Exactly. Although HIMSS Impact is a new event, we are not starting from scratch here. HIMSS Impact continues a very successful series of event on big data in medicine that we established at HPI a couple of years ago. It’s a real pleasure to have this unique collaboration between HPI, the local government, and HIMSS, as one of the leading organizations worldwide in this area – and packaging all this expertise into one unique event at the former borderline between Berlin and Brandenburg at the very heart of Europe.

FLORIAN SCHLEHOFER, HEALTHCAPITAL: At the very start of the planning process, we noticed that there was no such dedicated conference in Europe on “Big Data in Medicine”. We wanted to take a wider look at the subject and to explore what is in there for the different stakeholders – the patient, the doctor and the payer as well as academia and industry. With the HIMSS and the Potsdam-based HPI we have great partners to make such an event happen in our region.