So what’s all the fuss about? – Interview, part 2

Q. What will the conference program look like? What did you have in mind when you put it together?

MATTHIEU-P. SCHAPRANOW, HPI: We invested a lot of time in planning the structure of these two days. We have, for example, created dedicated IMPACT sessions on each of the key topics, with a range of different, wide-ranging speakers presenting on each one, creating really high impact sessions – hence the name! We kick off with pretty important topics like how patients can benefit and how doctors and healthcare providers might contribute – and then, on the second day, the focus moves to the industry, such as pharma, and the payers, such as health insurance companies.

Extending the sessions, we are introducing very interesting program formats, like regional sessions, bringing together different partners not only from all over the globe but also from the Berlin-Brandenburg region, which provides a great opportunity for networking and match-making.

RAINER HERZOG, HIMSS EUROPE: Yes and what is very important is that we are not just talking about Big Data from a theoretical standpoint, but we also feature the concrete cases, explore the implementations, examine and discuss the best practice projects and examine what we can learn from each other on an international scale. And then we open up an opportunity to really engage in deep networks and share practical information. So it’s this concrete implementation and hands-on approach that we want to feature strongly in the program.