So what’s all the fuss about? – Interview, part 4

Q. Why should people make an effort to be at the event? And what do you think people will take home from the event if they do?

FLORIAN SCHLEHOFER, HEALTHCAPITAL: As already mentioned, with our program we tried to paint the big picture of Big Data in Medicine. So I would love to see representatives from right across the healthcare world: patient organizations and representatives, physicians and hospital executives as well as executives from the healthcare industry -from biotech to medical devices.  Also, start-ups and, last but not least, academia. And I hope that the delegates will get an insight look in what happens in Big Data in Medicine right now and that it is a topic which will fundamentally change healthcare.

RAINER HERZOG, HIMSS EUROPE: C-level managers with responsibilities for healthcare organizations should attend – and all those who are in a position to shape healthcare. Also, opinion leaders from academia, industry members, pharma, life sciences, health IT…. in fact, all those who need to rethink their roles in healthcare in response to the paradigm shift that Big Data is bringing in.

When it comes to take-aways, we hope that everyone will gain a new insight into the potential of Big Data, its relevance to their own roles, responsibilities and professional life – and a network of connections that will help them make the potential of Big Data a reality within their organizations.