Relevance of Big Data

For patients: Big Data has the capacity to enable more powerful forms of personalized medicine. What can we do to build trust in patients so that they feel comfortable for their data to be used? What needs to be done to ensure that patient data is protected?

For healthcare providers: The use of Big Data will have far-reaching effects on hospitals and healthcare organizations. It will fundamentally change the way that clinicians and hospitals work. This will have a considerable knock-on effect on the way healthcare organizations are structured.

For industry: The advent of Big Data will change how healthcare institutions are organized and will create shifts in the way they manage information. The industry has to adapt to meet these changes: pharma companies, for example, need to interact with patients much closer as a result of the more personalized, targeted forms of medicine that Big Data is bringing into being.

For healthcare insurance companies: Health insurance companies will need to set up new payment models to align with the new Big Data-driven healthcare world. How can they find their place in this new digitally driven world and how can they gain competitive advantage and lead their industry in the coming years?