IMPACT Session I: The Patient Perspective

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The patient perspective: What benefits are in for patients?

Modern diagnostic testing and large scale data integration has offered new opportunities and challenges; not only for physicians and researchers, but also for patients themselves. For example, high-resolution imaging techniques, such as MRI, CT, ultrasound, data-rich diagnostics, such as next-generation sequencing, molecular imaging, large-scale pathological testing, and computer-assisted therapy modalities (medical robotics) are just a few fields of technological innovation already in full action, but often not fully understood by those affected. To really harvest the wealth of information dwelling within these rich data sources for patient‘s health, it is important to strengthen patient self-determination and participation possibilities as well as increase transparent communication between the different systems. With these capabilities increasing, patients will see that the availability of real world outcome data will increase trial opportunities, lead to a faster access to drugs, especially for rare diseases, and generally continue to improve treatment opportunities for every patient.

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