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Big Data – what will be the impact on the medical profession and on healthcare provider organizations?

This panel will present real life use cases that utilize electronic health records and registry data for clinical and research purposes.  The objectives of the session include:

  • Demonstration of current business, healthcare and research objectives that are addressed by re-use of medical record and registry data
  • Presentation of challenges that must be overcome to access and analyze real world data (RWD) -covering technical, regulatory and cultural issues
  • Discussion of how the results of analysis of RWD are presented to healthcare providers and administrators for action
  • Speculation on where predictive analytics of RWD are likely to make the most immediate and important impact in healthcare delivery.

The session will offer ‘lessons learned’ implementing these programs and offer recommendations for what might be considered ‘best practices’ for moving forward.  Attendees are invited to contribute their experiences and expertise and to describe their own projects for the group to discuss and propose recommendations.

About the Speakers

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Uppsala University
European Bioinformatics Institute EMBL-EBI
The University of Manchester