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International Roundtable: Big Data – Star Trek or Game Changer? What does it take to make it happen?

Hopes are high – this is the impression you get when you read about what Big Data is expected to bring to medicine. Statements such as “The second shot to the moon” or “The new golden era of medicine” are quite common these days.

Will all of this really become a reality or is Big Data largely oversold? And if Big Data actually holds the great potential that many people believe in, what does it take to implement it properly so that we can reap the benefits?

And we must not limit ourselves and look at only the technical challenges. Big Data is capable of changing the way we deliver healthcare in the future – and as a consequence of changing our entire healthcare systems.

The roundtable aims at analyzing and discussing these aspects with renowned experts in Big Data in Medicine and provide the audience with insight on where the Big Data journey might lead us.