Potsdam, Germany
Oct. 17-18, 2018
Founding Director
Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) and Charité, Germany

Before his move to the Berlin Institute of Health and Charité he was founding and managing director of Heidelberg University’s Systems Biology center BioQuant and Head of Division "Theoretical Bioinformatics" (B080) at the DKFZ in Heidelberg. His group has delivered significant contributions to the field of health informatics, cancer genomics and systems biology. Since 2016 Roland Eils has been coordinator of the HiGHmed consortium interconnecting health data from eight university medical centers in Germany. He has published over 350 publications cited over 27000 times resulting in an h-index of 83 (source: google scholar).

October 18, 2018
10:10am - 11:10am
Hasso Plattner Institute - Hörsaal 2
  • Digital health is an emerging trend to improve various fields of research and healthcare using latest digital solutions. Therefore, digital health brings together subject-matter experts from individual fields of life sciences to collaboratively improve state-of-the-art healthcare services. The given session will share latest trends and challenges in digital health and therefore provides a forum for constructive exchange between individual subject-matter experts, e.g. researchers, clinicians, citizens.  

October 18, 2018
11:30am - 12:30pm
Hasso Plattner Institute - Hörsaal 2
  • The BMBF Medical Informatics Initiative is the latest, national-scale funding schema for university hospitals in Germany. Four national consortia consisting of university hospitals, research partners, and associated industry partners were selected in 2018 to build-up and contribute to Germany’s next-generation digital healthcare infrastructure. The given session will provide a detailed overview of the funding program, its strategic aims, first findings from consortia work, and a forum for mutual exchange for collaborations.

October 18, 2018
1:30pm - 2:30pm
Hasso Plattner Institute - Hörsaal 2

The Roundtable Discussion will focus on digital health in different healthcare systems - its role, implementation and how it will transform healthcare in the future.

- Comparison between different countries (status quo and future plans)

- How do different healthcare systems transform digital health?

- What are the strategies?

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