Potsdam, Germany
Oct. 17-18, 2018
Policy Lead
Wellcome Sanger Institute

Sarion Bowers is the policy lead for the Wellcome Sanger Institute. She was originally a research scientist with expertise in DNA packaging and gene regulation before changing careers and specialising in science and technology policy relating to genomics. Sarion has a particular interest in the ethical, legal and societal issues that arise from the use of genomics in the clinic and the development of new genomic technologies, including genome editing.

October 18, 2018
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Hasso Plattner Institute - Hörsaal 2
  • Responsible and secure sharing of genomic and health data is key to both accelerating research and improving human health. This session will focus on empowering personalised health through data sharing. From tools and standards required for genomic and phenotypic data, federated networks for secure and responsible sharing to using human genetics to make new medicines.

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