Dr. Katharina von Knop

Serial Founder, Digital Innovation Strategist

Dr. Katharina von Knop develops innovative digital business models and digital strategies for industry leaders. She is running an EU financed research project on the optimization of digital trust. She has founded three startups, which are still alive. Katharina has served several years as a lead manager of strategy development and new business development for Wisag Holding. Prior this engagement she solved strategic business challenges for more than 5 years as a project manager in strategy consulting companies, such as Roland Berger.

Presentation Theme

Conquering the prevention market with a strategic Big Data focus

New health care business models which gather and use the required medical Big Data, help to finance chronic diseases and break through innovations with a fast ROI rate and strong growth rate on a global scale will be realized in the field of disease prevention. The pharma and life science industry can solve their challenges and the key learnings are leading to new strategic business models in field of prevention. Which will be presented and explained.

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