Hanna Heikkinen

Head of IT
Helsinki Biobank / HUS

Dr Heikkinen is responsible for the data management infrastructure of Helsinki Biobank. Hosted by Finland’s largest hospital district HUS, the biobank is establishing sample collection as a part of the routine in the district’s hospitals. The biobank also hosts HUS pathology archive with >3M samples. Dr Heikkinen is responsible for setting up the biobank’s information management systems, managing the sample and data flow logistics as well as the sample related clinical data. She‘s also actively involved in national development projects.

Presentation Theme

Digital Health Hub: Connecting the dots in Finnish health data reservoirs

Project Isaacus is unique initiative based on legislative reform and extensive collaboration with the public and private actors. The cross-ministerial initiative will combine well-being databases and their users in a seamless and safe manner and offer single-point access to unique Finnish Data Reserves. Main focus has been streamlining researcher services and providing practical insight on possibilities of big data applications. This presentation will highlight experiences on big data implementations at Finnish university hospital and biobanks.

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