Lars Wallentin

Uppsala Clinical Research Center, Uppsala University

Lars Wallentin is senior professor of Cardiology and founder and first leader of the Uppsala Clinical Research Centre (UCR) at Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden. Prof Wallentin has been President of the Swedish Cardiac Society and the Swedish Heart Association and also founded and been the first chairman of the Swedish Cardiovascular Registries. The research group of professor Wallentin has developed many new concepts concerning pathogenesis, diagnosis, risk stratification, and antithrombotic and interventional treatments in acute coronary artery disease and stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation. Prof Wallentin has published more than 600 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and has received several prestigious research awards.

Presentation Theme

Improving outcomes by integrating research and registries in clinical reality

The presentation will review the development, organisation and utility of the the Swedish Web-System for Enhancement and Development of Evidence-Based Care in Heart Disease Evaluated According to Recommended Therapies (SWEDEHEART). The SWEDEHEART registries can now show the importance of continuous monitoring, comparing and supporting the implementation of new evidence based treatments for improvement of outcomes of cardiovascular disease in a 20 years time perspective. Since 5 years the system is also used for cost-effective registry based prospective randomized trials.

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