Richard F. Schlenk

Head of NCT clinical trials office
National Center for Tumor Diseases

Prof. Dr. Richard Schlenk is professor, physician-scientist, biostatistician and head of the clinical trials center at the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) in Heidelberg, Germany. His main area of interest is to translate the biological heterogeneity of cancer into interventional clinical approaches as well as to incorporate investigational clinical trials into a framework of observational studies as well as patient centered social health. The research group of Prof. Schlenk currently develops strategies embedding genome and transcriptome sequencing in a clinical trials framework at the NCT.

Presentation Theme

Patient-centered care between omics-data and social media

In younger adults with advanced-stage cancer across all histologies and patients with rare tumors the established MASTER (Molecularly Aided Stratification for Tumor Eradication Research) program at the NCT opens the possibility with next-generation sequencing of tumor DNA and RNA to translate genomic alterations into clinical action. This program builds the basis for evolving interventional and observational clinical trials. Furthermore, exchange between patients, physicians and researches via the NCT-3F social media platform adds a new dimension of information including patient reported outcome data

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