Simon Schwerin

Business Development Manager

Simon Schwerin joined XAIN as a Business Development Manager, after he wrote his Master Thesis about Blockchains and Privacy, specifically concerning the GDPR. He will focus his work on Medixain to build a solution in the Healthcare and Blockchain sector.

He has received an M.Sc. in Business Intelligence and Process Management, after studying International Business in his undergrads. Previously he worked for the Blockchain Start-up BigchainDB on the business strategy side. Formerly, he gathered working experience in the financial and healthcare sector, working for the DKB and a medical technology Start-up.

Presentation Theme

A Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence-based Distributed Data Sharing Platform for Medical Data Analysis

The presentation will introduce XAIN and its #blockchain_intelligence framework, followed by its healthcare „use case“ Medixain.

Medixain, an Oxford research project spin-off, which envisions to revolutionize the healthcare industry by introducing a privacy-friendly blockchain infrastructure solution as a multi-layered wallet solution, uses the advantages of #blockchain_intelligence to combine the best of privacy, AI and Blockchain Technolgoy. In a first step towards its Vison, Medixain will build a Blockchain-based Distributed Data Sharing Platform for Pharmaceutical data, aiming to create shared proband pools and leverage existing clinical trial data.

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